Sing Fai Sports Club

38th Scouts Group

Welcome to Sing Fai Sports Club

Sing Fai Sports Club was founded in 1987, as a not-for-profit organization, sponsored by the Sing Tao Daily and the LuCliff Company Limited.

Our goals include: serving our community by promoting an active and healthy living style for different age groups, and encouraging members to become responsible citizens of the community. We achieve these goals by organizing a number of activities and events, such as:

Last year on our 35th Anniversary, our dinner banquet celebrated this major milestone. Due to Covid-19, we were unable to organize any major activities throughout 2022; however, we are now resuming all activities in the year of 2023. To read more information on the Sing Fai Sports Club, have a look at the Club’s 31st Anniversary Supplement from the Sing Tao Daily Newspaper.